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Bri & Ben | A Fairytale in Elan Valley, Wales | United Kingdom Elopement Photography

I had a vision for this one and it took a year to come to life. In my mind, I wanted a couple in the valley who had a forbidden and secret marriage that only we knew about. In reality, Bri is a wedding photographer in Wales and is happily and acceptedly married to her husband Ben. And boy were they adorable and so willing to put up with us in the cold.

So why Elan Valley? My mother and father in law absolutely swore it was a breathtaking park near a cute village called Rhayader. Indeed, they were right. It has multiple dams with dramatic bridges and drops but it is the little stone church that truly won my heart. What better place to stage this idea I had in my head?

The sun had been going golden around 2 pm believe it or not, so we shot these at 11 am. The light leaking through the trees showed the humid mist wrapping the couple up. I love shooting with other photographers who take turns posing and placing the models in spots you may not have thought of yourself. It is so much fun to see how everyone perceived the session in different ways.

The bouquet itself blew me away. Julie from Expressions Florists in Aberaeron went above and beyond for us and the colors complimented the wintery tones of Bri's robe. I will definitely be utilizing her whimsical bouquets again for future work in Wales.

As someone who eloped in secret in Wales, it will always be my number one recommendation for international elopements. Yeah we all love Scotland and Outlander and all that... but you don't know medieval-esque, whimsical, breathtaking and romantic beauty until you have been to Wales. I have a feeling it is where James and I will end up dead and buried one day. It truly is home away from home.

Co-host: Madison Scott

Florals: Expressions Florists, Aberaeron, Wales

Location: Elan Valley

Models: Bri and Ben

Flower Crown: Sweetwater Flower Market, Colorado Springs, Colorado


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