About Mandie


Hello friend, thank you for stopping by my little piece of the internet. My name is Mandie Roberts and I am first and foremost a mom to three wonderful children who I named after Beatles songs. I am always on a plane, always drinking tea or dark beers and in between taking photos I am usually at the stove, making up recipes that sometimes fail. I tend to find like-minded nerds who love the same things as me and then I shoot their weddings- but not before becoming best friends first. If you are into Jane Austen novels, chasing castles (I married a Brit, so we go back and forth often), a little bit of magick and faeries, I will bring all those romantic ideas to your day. As someone who was born and raised in New England (go Pats) you won't see any hipster Colorado stuff out of me. I am just a 90's kid who grew up on analogue film and knows how timeless your photos should be. It is my job to make you feel like the goddamn royalty you are. Let's make history. 

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Film photography, lifestyle portraits, natural light photography, families, maternity, senior portraits, branding, real estate, weddings, elopements, newborns.

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