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        Hi, I'm Mandie! 

Besides photography, I am a lover of many things. Having grown up in a quaint Rhode Island town, I was surrounded by beautiful history. I go antiquing for fun. I am a book nerd, dark beer drinker, endless wanderer and have a lot of freckles handed down to me from my Irish ancestors. 

Most importantly, I am a mother to three wonderful babies; Lucy, Jude and Poppy, and a wife to my husband James, who often at times appears beside me with a camera at sessions. He's also really good at holding dogs and babies! 

We split our time as a family between two countries- the United Kingdom and America (James is a Brit). I try to bring a little of the romanticism of England back with me and incorporate it into my brand and my photos. I've always been inspired by Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy novels- so don't be surprised if I make you lay in tall grass at some point. 

Although I am a Colorado transplant, the mountains have been home for the last year and their beauty is something that never gets old. There is so much to see in this State, and we have a lot of exploring to do yet.

I'm always down for a beer or a coffee if you need a friend; my clients always turn into besties (bonus points if you are a nerd like me). 

Keep up to date with my latest adventures on my Instagram below, and my blog!

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