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One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go into people's homes to photograph their chaos. Let's face it, when a newborn baby enters into the life of any family, dishes might pile up in the sink, pristine beds are now full of rumpled covers and bags might appear under eyes that used to be well rested. There is something about being the first one to photograph such an important moment in such an intimate place; someone's home.

The Richardson family has been one of my repeat families. From day one, I have loved their love for one another. They giggle so loudly during their sessions and care about me as a person, not just a photographer, so I have always tried my best for them. I was there to photograph their daughter Mia in her momma's belly, just a few days before she arrived. And then her newborn photos (she was a lot more cooperative then!) and then on to Noah in Katie's belly and his newborn photos. Although, he wasn't quite a newborn in these, he still is small as could be.

I left Katie and Carter's home feeling like they were deflated. As if they hadn't got any good shots. But I knew I had captured the reality of their life, as it happened that day. So what is Mia wanted to ignore her brother's existence? So what if no one was perfectly staring into the camera with smiles? I could care less because I absolutely adore these photos. If you feel like you are in the room with the family when you look at them- I did my job. More importantly, the Richardson's loved their photos too and no longer had that deflated feeling.

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