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An Intimate Family Session at Palmer Park | Colorado Springs family Photographer

Q I sit here still in sweaters, in April, because the weather just doesn't want to warm up. I am seeing blades of grass pop up but I for the most part it is still that brownish, deadish look here in Colorado Springs. Now, that does not mean that my families do not bring the LIGHT! This session was on a freakishly warm day in March and a testament to how beautiful winter time can actually be here, even if it isn't in bloom.

During a family session with me, you'll most likely end up having to finding sticks and rocks and woodland creatures to bring some imagination for usually shy kiddos to warm up a bit. This little guy was as shy as a lamb but by the end he was smiling with his mom and dad. I always ask my families to not even worry about whether or not their kids will cooperate. It doesn't matter if they do or don't, what matters is being clever with how the moments photographs. Giving them little tasks is such a big help during a shoot.

Not only do I focus on the kids, it is absolutely crucial to get mom and dad, or mom and mom, or dad and dad to get some "alone time" photos. You shouldn't ever forget to have your marriage photographed too.

I instantly loved this family as soon as they showed up. You could tell they all care so deeply for each other and they wanted that love captured on camera. Thank you again Vint family, for being so wonderful!

Interested in a session this summer? My calendar is filling up quick- grab a slot by e-mailing


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