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The Brown Family | Dublin, Ireland | Ireland Family and Wedding Photographer

During my family holiday to Ireland, I knew I had to at least photograph one family or couple to make my trip worth while. Resting is not typically the thing I am best at. When Claire Brown answered my model call, I couldn't believe it, as I had been following her beautiful work for years and years. She is the quintessential Irish momma, with patience and beautifully dressed children. Her husband Patrick was completely down for this and we braved the wind (and my horrendous jet lag since I had landed at 8 am the morning of the shoot) for a stroll about St. Stephens Green in the heart of Dublin City.

Dublin is a city of many different layers and personalities and I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time there over the years. My Irish roots place Ireland deep within my soul and Dublin was the first place my American feet ever touched when I went searching for my ancestry. Since then, it's been a place of comfort for me before I venture out to the countryside. It is a city of music, industry, history, art, friendliness and overall good craic. St. Stephen's Green is a place where couples who were courting would go during the Regency era, with the romanticism still lingering all these years later.

Claire's girls, Willow and Bonnie, are photographer's children. So naturally, one was all about the camera and one wanted nothing to do with it. Can you tell which one?

After Claire's girls went to the park with their minder, we decided it was time for grown up activities and went for a pint at Neary's, an institution off of the green. We chatted about the vast difference of our cultures, about the wedding photography industry and about our love of good Vegan food. Believe it or not, Dublin has an up and coming Vegan scene and the country itself is turning into a culinary mecca. It was nice to break my trip in with such a lovely couple with the sweetest family who bought me my first pint of Guinness since I landed. These are the sessions and memories I live for.

Special thanks to Claire and her family, Neary's Pub and The Archetype Process for connecting us.

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