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Moreah and Earl | Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

A lot of people don't know this, but I actually truly love maternity and newborn photography. Some people specialize in it and one day maybe I will but every time I book a lifestyle session like this, I get so excited. So when Moreah showed up glowing and radiant in her maternity gown, I was inspired right away.

Moreah and Earl are expecting their first little one and you can tell how excited they were. Earl is stationed in Colorado Springs, so I know it is also bittersweet having to be away from family while you figure out that whole parenting thing. I am sure these two will be naturals.

When shooting maternity, I focus a lot on the mother but it is so important to get dad in there too. Just because women carry babies, doesn't mean dad isn't a part of the process. I am sure Earl has had to go out and grab craving food at midnight to keep momma and baby happy.

I had such a lovely session with these two- I can not wait to see what their little bundle looks like in just a few short weeks!


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