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Katie & Chris | a winter engagement in Colorado Springs

I met up with Katie and Chris the day of the Super Bowl to finally meet them in person and take their engagement photos. A fun fact about my wedding packages is that you get a complimentary engagement session anywhere in Colorado Springs. I offer this because it gives me a chance to get to know my couples and let them know that photography with me is easy and fun. It isn't uptight and also...I am a real person. Sometimes people get a bit shy with photographers, but we are just normal people who happen to have the world's best job.

Katie and Chris will be an absolute breeze to photograph at their wedding this year. They are truly in love, absolutely stunning, smart (a doctor and a pilot that even real?) and they are so down to Earth.

This location is one of my favorites. I love exploring Palmer Park year round because it has the best view of Pikes Peak, really beautiful sandstone and diverse backgrounds. It get a bit muddy but Chris and Katie were good sports about it. The scenery is pretty but the couple and that custom ring truly steal the show.

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