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Katherine and Milo: Sweet Moments in the Forest | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

There is something to be said about a summer morning with the light streaming through the trees and momma who is willing to take off her shoes and roam about wildflowers with her four month old.

I originally met Katherine when I shot her brother's backyard wedding in Denver and loved her families dynamic and love for one another. When we got to talking I realized she was a Mainer who was just as much as a craft beer loving mom as I was. Mil0, the adorable ham, didn't cry but smiled the entire time and definitely tried putting a few flowers in his mouth.

Sometimes before a shoot I get a vision. I was looking at a thrift store chair I bought for the Tiny Studio in my room and thought how gorgeous it would be in the forest. James threw it into the car, I grabbed some strung tulips and a sheet and headed to the park. I love being able to produce gorgeous, earthy images that feel ethereal with things I already have around the house.

So why are sessions like these so important? Mothers, to me, have super powers. They shape our feelings, who we grow up to be, what we value and still hold so much beauty. Often times mothers are behind the camera; now is the time to put them in front of the lens.

Interested in booking a motherhood or family session? Reach out for availability today!


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