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From the heart. | Colorado Springs Photographer Blog

Twenty nineteen has been a year of rebirth for me. I moved to Colorado with my two kiddos, re-established my business, full time RV-ed in the dead of winter and then scrambled to find a place I could make into a decent home, went through an exhausting visa process with my (now) husband- all while being thousands of miles away from my family, friends and love.

But through it all, I picked up the camera. I built everything around me with the help of some fantastic clients, through photography. As I sit snug in my little home on Darcy Lane, with my tree decorated with new ornaments from a fresh start, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for where I am now. And the adventures I still managed to experience in the last year. I shot weddings in Arizona, New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Colorado. And journeyed twice to Wales, Cornwall and England. Because that is what keeps my heart beating.

I feel like the kids are finally happy and content. Having my husband here and some stability is good for all of us. Last year was rough- I dragged them along to sessions all over the state and country- yet they did so well and were so helpful no matter what. I have some truly amazing kids and they are what motivate me to keep going. And may I add, my clients were super understanding when I brought them along, I seriously couldn't ask for better people to photograph.

[ Lucy and Jude in between a session in Fort Collins- it was a bit early for Lou clearly ]

But being a small business owner, is not all it's cracked up to be. It has it's major pros- like having flexibility in my schedule, getting the chance to meet lovely people, the opportunity to travel and do what I absolutely love for a living. If it was only comprised of that list, I'd have no complaints. But I will be honest, sometimes I wish people saw what it is like behind the scenes. I cry a lot. I feel invisible at times. Every "we went with another photographer" or ghosting is an absolute knife to the heart. I know I need to not take it personally, but I freaking do. Because behind every website and instagram is a human being. And I think a lot of people have lost touch with that concept.

Going into 2020, I am optimistic for this little brand I got going. We have rebuilt this website from the ground up, taking advice from all the wonderful professionals around me (Colorado's photography community is so supportive), we have introduced video, I have upgraded to a mirrorless camera system and already have a handful of bad ass weddings booked for next year. I am hoping to expand United Kingdom elopements, since it is home away from home for us. Also, sausage rolls exist.

This post is a promise to blog more. A post it note to myself. And a little peak behind the curtain that is so often closed for us photographers.

Onwards to 2020.



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