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Chloe & Josh: an Engagement Session at a Lumber Mill | Colorado Springs Film Photographer

When Chloe first inquired with me I could tell we would hit it off immediately. She wanted a photographer who could shoot film and understand composition in a Western, rustic way. We also have the same music taste and music brings people together. After hearing that her and her fiance's upcoming wedding would be at Casey's Lumber in Woodland Park, a vision of rustic love flashed before my eyes.

There is nothing sweeter than a young couple in love. Joshua's hardworking, blacksmithing hands held Chloe's as we explored the grounds where in September, they will say their vows. They couldn't resist a ponder over the field to the chicken coop, or taking advantage of the lumber itself. My film soaked in the sun peaking in and out of storm clouds that somehow kept us dry.

Listening to Zach Bryan the whole way up to Woodland Park, driving through the forest and ending up shooting a whole roll of Portra 400 is what my own photography dreams are made of. Chloe and Josh have a light between them that will surely be present in September as well, like it was the day of their engagement session. I am starting to finally appreciate Western culture a bit more than I used to. Americana and folky sessions like this one are truly beautiful in their own way. Pretty enough that a lumber mill was a suitable setting for an adorable couple.

Shooting engagement sessions for couples who have booked me for their weddings is the best way to get comfortable with each other and to calm your nerves about being in front of the camera. I promise, I don't bite and make it easy for anyone who allows me to freely create. Sometimes I might ask you to do something that is a bit weird, but it's just how I do. Trust. The. Process.

So cheers to Chloe and Josh and stay tuned for their end of summer I do's.

Every image you see here is shot on Porta 400 35mm film. Developed brilliantly by The Find Lab in Orem, UT. Shot on a canon 1n.


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