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Summer Sessions: My favorite Colorado and New England Session Locations

While Autumn, as you all know, is a season I could live in year round; I simply can not help but fall in love with the crickets chirping, the tall green grass and the burst of floral colors that summer has to offer. The long days mean that I have more time for shooting and with the trees offering more filtered light; a longer golden hour too.

Not everyone knows this but I have based myself in two places: Colorado Springs and New England. I live in Colorado Springs year round but grew up in Rhode Island and never want to stop shooting there. I often spend weeks at a time back home and continue to grow my portfolio there if we decide not to move to the UK in four years and settle back in New England instead. Working in New England also gives me precious time with my family and I also mentally feel better near the sea.

So lets start with my favorite New England locations:

  1. Blithewold Mansion and Gardens ($100 permit fee). Bristol, RI

  2. Purgatory Chasm. (No permit fee) Aquidneck Island

  3. Mystic Harbor. (No permit fee) Mystic, CT.

  4. Portland Head Light House, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. ($250 wedding permit fee only)

  5. Boyd's Windmill, Middletown, RI. (No permit)

  6. The Farmer's Daughter, South Kingstown, RI ($50 permit fee)

And now for Colorado; where wild flowers pop up everywhere and the skies are big and inviting.

  1. Monument Valley Park Gardens. (No Permit)

  2. Dillon Reservoir, Dillon (No Permit)

  3. Twin Lakes (No Permit)

  4. Garden of the Gods (no permit)

  5. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver. ($100 permit)

  6. Pioneer Museum, Colorado Springs. (No Permit)

  7. Ute Valley Park, Colorado Springs. (No permit)

  8. Red Rocky Canyon, Colorado Springs. (No Permit)

  9. Rocky Mountain National Park ($50 permit)

There is still time to schedule your 2023 summer session! Right now the light is nearly perfect at 7pm, through September. I want to let your kiddos explore, photograph you with confidence and creativity and capture the beautiful settings in the background. Sessions start at $400.


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